Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Professionally Applied Eyelash Extensions in Orange County - No Embarrassing Fakes

Eyelash extensions in Orange County can be found at many salons, but if you choose Beauty Mark, we'll give you your first touch up for free!  And we'll promise you don't have to worry about the story you're about to read happening to you any time soon!

The Back-Lash of Do-It-Yourself Extensions

You're at a quiet bistro in Newport Beach, and your date is as cute and a he is charming. You've been waiting for this all week for this date, yet you can't stop staring at the "Fish of the Day" board to your left. Its not that you don't want to look him in the eyes, (and you don't even like fish) so what's going on?

You've just noticed that the strip of fake eyelashes that you'd glued to your left eyelid less than an hour ago is now gliding around the inside of your wine glass and you're trying to save poor guy from the awkwardness of having to pretend he doesn't notice the lack of lashes on your left lid.

You wish you would have taken your friends' advice and gotten professionally applied eyelash extensions. In Orange County, women like to look their best, especially in the summer!  As you watch the strip of hair float carelessly in a pool of Chardonnay, you begin to wonder:

"Can the price of eyelash extensions in Orange County be more than the amount of money and time I continue to waste on the ones from the drugstore?"

"When will my date stop talking so I can excuse myself, rip off the right lash in the ladies room, and return to the table hoping the dried glue isn't visible by candlelight?"

"Where can I get long-lasting, natural looking eyelash extensions in Orange County !?!?"

"Does my date really believe its taking me this long to read the words, 'Baked Swordfish'?

"If I do get eyelash extensions in Orange County, will it be safe to tell my friends that I won't need them to be on constant 'Stray Lash Patrol'

The story you just read is fiction, but we've all had frustrating moments with "Do It At Home" lashes. If you could easily identify with the woman in the story, you might be a good candidate for a consultation. 
  • First application of eyelash extensions in Orange County takes about 2 hours
  • they can last for up to two months!  
  • Since each lash is applied individually they fall off  individually! 
  • The bond to your natural lashes will begin to loosen lash by lash after about three weeks. 
For more about our services or to find out about the best eyelash extensions in Orange County, visit Beauty Mark's website.  From there, you can read FAQ's, book an appointment, or find out what others had to say about their experiences!

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